For the Love of Loos

The art of creating a calm, cool and collected bathroom.

Griffin Design Source - For the Love of Loos.jpg

Let’s get down to business. The bathroom is more than a utilitarian space; it’s where we spend an extraordinary amount of time escaping the world or preparing to face it. But crafting a space that fulfills so many functions may be messier than you think. Achieving an effortless look takes careful maneuvering of details, materials and precise layout to ensure a calm and collected space. 

Here’s a peek at the design elements at play in this timeless bathroom remodel. 

1. SHAPE SHIFTER. I paired natural stone and ceramic tile in varying shapes (square, herringbone and subway) for textural interest, and consistent shades of candle white to keep the palette homogenous and soothing to the eye.

2. DON’T FORGET TO LOOK UP. Rule of thumb: I’ve never understood neglecting the ceiling. Not only is it a decorative moment, but also completely practical. Showers are wet areas and over time a drywalled ceiling can become dirty (or worse, moldy). I used a ceramic tile in a herringbone pattern to draw the eye upward and solve for perhaps otherwise awkward cuts. The natural limestone bathroom floor is the same herringbone pattern for cohesiveness.

3. SHADY BUSINESS. Two shades are better than one. I layered a woven shade and a fabric shade to cover the bathroom window. The woven shade provides extra privacy while still emitting in natural light, while the green fabric shade is adds pattern and contrast to the otherwise light and airy space. 

Ramey Caulkins